The 2nd Festival of Happiness

The 2nd Festival of Happiness is the event organized in the Thanh Van commune (16-17/10/2018) and Mai Lap (18-19/10/2018) on the occasion of Vietnamese Women Day 20-10.

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Meeting to discuss and formulate cooperative’s regulations

To support Hop Thanh Thanh Van cooperative building regulations, on September 27, 2018, the ADC and CARE International in Vietnam facilitated a discussion meeting with the participation of members of the cooperative management board and cooperative members.

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A visit and meeting with Tuc Tranh cooperative

On September 23, 2018, a visit to Tuc Tranh cooperative was organized by ADC and CARE for the members of the Hop Thanh Thanh Van cooperative and representatives of Mai Lap commune.

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The Fair "One Village, One Product"

From 31 to 06th August 2018, products from the clean banana of Hop Thanh Thanh Van Cooperative and the ethnic minorities in Bac Kan province supported by the WEAVE project, implemented by ADC and funded by DFAT through CARE International in Vietnam, were exhibited in ...

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CARE , ADC and Hop Thanh Thanh Van Cooperative discussed and planned to support the ...

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the WEAVE project, CARE and the ADC regularly share and discuss the plans and the activities to support the development of banana value chain in Bac Kan province.

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