Livelihoods development and Food security

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In Vietnam, most poor people live in the rural and mountainous areas. Therefore, ensuring food security plays an important role in the poverty alleviation. Agriculture & Forestry Research and Development Center for Mountainous Region (ADC) is proud to be one of the leading non-governmental organizations in the northern mountainous region in supporting livelihood development to ensure food security for the ethnic minority communities here. The increasingly important role of non-governmental organizations in addressing the new challenges of poverty reduction is recognized.

The ADC has continuously improved the organization's capacity to support ethnic minorities and other vulnerable communities facing food security and sustainable development. Through the project, the center has supported communities by providing livelihood measures for adaptation to climate change, and helped them to respond and improve community-based disaster risk management preparedly. The ADC stays ahead in the capacity-building activities for the community aiming to response to climate change to ensure food security, and provincial advocacy. Currently, the center is actively involved in the networks for building and establishing a food production base to ensure regional and national sustainable food security.

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