An article on Sustainable Poverty Eradication, from the Story of Women Empowerment in Thanh Van Commune, Cho Moi District, Bac Kan Province.

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In the Economy category of Tuoi tre Thu do Newspaper, an article on "Sustainable Poverty Eradication, from the Story of Empowerment of Women in Thanh Van Commune, Cho Moi District, Bac Kan Province" written by Pham An, shares the story of poverty reduction and economic empowerment for ethnic minority women in the project area of the ADC and CARE International in Vietnam.

According to the journalist, selecting crops suitable to the climatic and soil conditions in the mountains, bring high economic value, helping people reduce poverty is not easy. Moreover, after building a suitable crop model, putting these products on the market is a more difficult problem.

Currently in Thanh Van, Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province, the ADC in collaboration with CARE International in Vietnam are supporting the local people here hto build models of Tay banana growing and connecting the market, bringing Tay banana products to consumers all over the country.

For more information, please visit the following link: nu-o-xa-thanh-van-huyen-cho-moi tinh-bac-kan-d2057513.html

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