A working visit of CARE International in Vietnam’s expert delegation

Posted at: 07:05:00 24/05/2016 - View: 572

In two days from 14th to 15th August 2015, the consultant group of CARE International in Vietnam had visited and worked with the ADC and  the representatives of partner organizations of the ADC in Bac Kan.

During the working visit, the consultants and the ADC’s staff had assessed the results of the project have been achieved, the positive impacts from the project to Bac Kan province with partner agencies: Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Bac Kan province; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Leaders of People's Committee and Agricultural Department of Cho Moi district; Representative leaders of the Thanh Van and Mai Lap communes, Cho Moi district and the core members of the Livelihood Interest Groups in the community (CBOs). Furthermore, the review team had also built the supportive strategy for Bac Kan province in the near future, which aims to improve the capacity to respond to climate change (CC) for local governments and communities, towards sustainable development.

Upon the completion of the evaluation, the experts appreciated the project results which were achieved in improving the capacity for professional staff in Bac Kan Province in responding to climate change; supporting Bac Kan province in the implementation of Action Plan to Respond to Climate Change from 2011 to 2020; enhancing the adaptive capacity of communities to climate change through livelihood activities; ... .. In the future, the ADC will continue to coordinate with stakeholders in research, support ethnic minority communities in Bac Kan province in particular and the northern mountainous province in general in climate change responses and sustainable development.



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