CJFPAR- Collecting and sharing data on climate change and adaptation strategies

Posted at: 15:01:38 12/01/2018 - View: 730
From 26 to 30/12/2017, the ADC has conducted data collection activity to obtain data on the impacts of climate change and solutions to climate change in Tay community, Na Don Hamlet, Thanh Van commune, Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province. In this activity, women act as researchers and together with the community research how climate change has been taking place in their community and how women can take collective movements to respond to climate change.

After collecting and analyzing the information, on 11/01/2018 researchers together with the ADC's support, confidently shared their findings with the people in their community.  Furthermore, they analyzed and proposed solutions to adapt to climate change in the workshop and got appreciated by the commune chairman and the community. This is the opportunity for women in the community to show their sisterhood power and also to recognize clearly the important role of women in responding to climate change.

Some pictures of the data collection and sharing results activities:




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