Training in Social Analysis and Action (SAA) for representatives of LARC / VSLA groups

Posted at: 10:12:47 05/12/2017 - View: 693

From November 28, 2017 to December 3, 2017, ADC and CARE International in Vietnam jointly organized two training courses on Social Analysis and Action (SAA) for 19 LARC / VSLA groups of Bac Kan and 6 LARC / VSLA groups from Cao Bang.

Course 1 consists of 12 LARC / VSLA Bac Kan groups​

Social Analysis and Action (SAA) is one of the gender transformation models developed by CARE. It is a process of social change by the community in which individuals and communities discover and challenge the norms, beliefs and practices of gender and sexuality that shape their lives. SAA uses participatory tools - some are developed by CARE and some are developed by other organizations - to achieve the long-term goal of empowering vulnerable communities by promoting gender equity, improve social norms and power.

Course 2 consists of 7 LARC / VSLA groups from Bac Kan  and 6 groups from Cao Bang 

This is an activity within the framework of the project Informed to Influence – I2I. Through this activity, learners will be confident and ready to apply, practice SAA lessons with members of their groups after the course.

SAA is applied to the various stakeholders in the project to understand, explore and change the roles and responsibilities of women and men who are restricting women's access to information. This will be achieved by using fun activities with the various participants in the project, including women and men of ethnic minorities, government officials and implementing organizations.

Teaching and learning activities take place in a vibrant atmosphere, full of joy and laughter.

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