The Ethnic Minorities Working Group (EMWG)

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The Ethnic Minorities Working Group (EMWG) was established as an NGO initiative to enhance the Government's efforts in improving the ethnic minority people's life.

The Ethnic Minorities Working Group (EMWG) is a forum for NGOs and other development agencies and professionals to exchange ideas and lessons learned about how to improve development policies and practices for the benefit of ethnic minority peoples.

The overall goal of the Ethnic Minorities Working Group is to improve the livelihoods of ethnic minorities by improving the development assistance provided by members of the Working Group and by building the capacity of ethnic minorities to fully participate in development processes.

The key objectives are:

Sharing and disseminating informationThe Working Group provides a forum for discussions regarding development issues related to ethnic minorities in Vietnam. It disseminates information as widely as possible regarding laws, policies, research and documentation of projects and programmes relating to ethnic minorities.

Improving the practices of member organisationsWorking Group participants share experiences and lessons learned in order to improve the impact, both in quality and quantity, of their development interventions.

Policy dialogue: The sharing of experiences and information relating to ethnic minorities leads to improved development practices and policies among members and their partner organisations. The group also acts as a venue for conducting dialogues with relevant government and donor institutions and organisations.

Facilitating the voice of ethnic minority peoplethe Working Group facilitates different mechanisms for ethnic people to voice their opinions on the development projects and influence policies and decisions that affect their lives.

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