ADC becomes a member of SAN

Posted at: 10:02:00 01/02/2023 - View: 141
SAN, the Sustainable Agriculture Network, is a nonprofit, non-governmental, global collaborative network focused on helping farmers, workers, and rural communities to thrive, and donors and companies to move forward with their sustainability agenda in a practical and efficient way.
ADC is honored to officially become the 27th member of SAN. With more than 30 years of experience working in the field of sustainable agricultural development to respond to and adapt to climate change, conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, ADC will contribute to sharing the vision of a world in which agriculture is an agent of positive change, and a generator of rural prosperity while protecting biodiversity, the atmosphere and natural resources.
ADC is committed to operating within the scope and standards of the network. Actively cooperate with other members of the network to develop sustainable agriculture, ensure people's livelihoods and protect natural resources.

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