Conservation and Natural Resource Management

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There is currently an ongoing negative trend of natural resource status in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Natural resources of Vietnam is currently reducing in both quantity and quality. The main reason leading to this situation is due to the lack of  the control of the natural resource exploitation, with the wasteful use of natural resources. In addition, the management of local authorities is still weak and restricted.

Some natural resources have an ongoing negative trend such as:

  • Forest resources, forest land are declining in quality, and natural forests cover is decreased by illegal exploiting.
  • The endangered animal and plant species are on the verge of extinction.
  • Water resources are currently polluted and the water shortage is also a problem for production.
  • Agricultural lands are increasingly degraded due to unsustainable farming.

Realizing the importance of conservation natural for sustainable development, the ADC is attempting to seek solutions to preserve natural resources and sustainable development with local partners and communities. The ADC is a nonprofit organization with a research team experiencing in conservation  natural resource management. In the center's development plan to 2025, the center will focus on several objectives such as: community-based natural resource use and management; environmental protection, conservation  biodiversity in a sustainable way; Capacity building and awareness raising on the conservation and natural resource management in the community level; Improving the quality of life for communities living in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam.

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