ADC participates in GREAT’s media campaign in March “The journey of happiness: Accompanying women’s success”

Posted at: 12:03:00 05/03/2021 - View: 347

In response to the International Women's Day (March 8), International Happiness Day (March 20), GREAT is implementing the Campaign on Gender Equality, 2021 with 1 online contest and 30 media campaigns in community.

The main themes of this operation is “Accompanying women’s success”:

  • Encouraging ethnic minority to be confident in decision-making and take actions for their life.
  • Men and women are equality in housework sharing and decision-making.
  • Solving domestic violence problem to build a happy, healthy, and prosperous family.
  • COVID-19 prevention. The campaign encourages the participation of all partners inside and outside the GREAT target area, participants of all ages, genders, and ethnic minority groups.

For more details, please follow the bellow link:

Donors and Partners