The meeting agreed on regulations to limit alcohol use, domestic violence and environmental protection of Na Don village

Posted at: 11:01:06 28/01/2019 - View: 844
On January 25, 2019, ADC along with the people of Na Don and Thanh Van villages, finalized the village regulations and built commitments on limiting alcohol use, domestic violence and environmental protection.

Attending the meeting were representatives of Thanh Van commune authority, representatives of 63 households in Na Don village and ADC staff. Through this meeting, the people of Na Don village agreed to limit their use of alcohol, especially during the Lunar New Year Festival in 2019 and in community events. At the same time, they also built regulations on the protection of green - clean - beautiful environment, as a premise to build and develop the Happy Village.

Through this activity, ADC and CARE International in Vietnam accompany the local people of Thanh Van and Mai Lap in the campaign to reduce alcohol, reduce violence, build a Happy Village.

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