A Training on the Community Score Card Toolkit

Posted at: 09:11:24 16/11/2018 - View: 693
During the two days of 13-14 November 2018, ADC and CARE International in Viet Nam organized a training on the use of The Community Score Card (CSC) Toolkit for VSLA / LARC representatives in Thanh Van and Mai Lap communes .

As an activity within the framework of the project “Increasing ethnic minority women’s access to information for improved governance and development” (I2I), this training aims to enhance the communication efficiency of the Communications and Information Committee (CIC) and establish a coordination mechanism to provide two-way communication between the people and the CIC. Attending the training were representatives from 12 VSLA/LARC groups in Thanh Van commune and 8 groups from Mai Lap commune.

The CSC is a tool for gathering comments from LARC / VSLA members on information provision activities and conveying the members' information needs to the Communication and Information Committee (CIC) and local governments. The results from the CSCs from the LARC / VSLA groups helped the CIC to adjust its work plan and assisted the project I2I to make interventions more appropriate.

At the end of the training, the representatives of VSLA groups developed a plan for implementing the community scoring cards at their groups to collect comments and opinions from group members.

Some pictures of the training

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