The 2nd Festival of Happiness

Posted at: 12:10:29 20/10/2018 - View: 826
The 2nd Festival of Happiness is the event organized in the Thanh Van commune (16-17/10/2018) and Mai Lap (18-19/10/2018) on the occasion of Vietnamese Women Day 20-10.

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, ADC, CARE International in Vietnam and the Bac Kan Women's Union have supported to celebrate the "Festival of Happiness” event, taking place in Thanh Van commune (16-17/10/2018) and Mai Lap commune (18-19/10/2018). The event consists of 3 activities: having fun in sports, displaying clean agricultural products, and exchanging activity "Happiness is when we understand others". 

With the participation of 12 groups of VSLA in Thanh Van commune and 8 groups of VSLA in Mai Lap commune, the  Festival took place in a happy, cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Over four days, the festive atmosphere brought to the audience traditional dishes, clean agricultural products, exciting storytelling as well as heated competitions. The festival closed but still left many resonances, impressions and joys for the organizers, participants and audiences of both Thanh Van and Mai Lap communes.

Congratulations to all the teams in the two communes, the victory belong to all teams.

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